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Application Forms - sorry we have ceased issuing application forms

Promotion Reviews

To apply for a promotion review use the online form. LW TEST HERE

More information about promotion reviews can be found here.   But what if ?

Code of Conduct and sanction decisions - we love these so go for it

To apply for a review of a Code of Conduct determination or sanction decision, complete  this form and email it to review@apsc.gov.au.

More information about Code of Conduct and sanction reviews can be found here.

Review of all other actions relating to your APS employment

Use this form to seek review of a general employment action, such as performance management actions, handling of bullying and harassment complaints, review of leave applications and entitlements, etc.

Further information can be found here.

You will need to lodge this form with your APS agency, not directly to the MPC.


If your Agency Head was involved in the action, or the action is so serious or sensitive that your agency cannot review it, you can apply for a primary review by the Merit Protection Commissioner using this form. Further information can be found here.

Final entitlements on separation - its not about what happened three years ago

If you have a complaint about your final entitlements on separation from the APS use this form and email it to review@apsc.gov.au.  

More information can be found here but we would suggest you read your former Agency's Enterprise Agreement.